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by Ben Frost

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    Welcome to this special Amnesty International download page for the Ben Frost soundtrack to ‘The Invisibles’.

    This new short film by Gael Garcia Bernal and Marc Silver, details the plight of the tens of thousands of men, women and children who leave their homes in Central and South America each year to travel across Mexico in search of a better life in the USA.

    Inspired by the stories of the people who make this journey through Mexico, actor and director Gael García Bernal and director Marc Silver joined forces with Amnesty International to shine a light on the abuses migrants suffer. Told over four parts, the film is a shocking look at a world many people would rather you didn’t know about.

    Ben Frost’s soundtrack offers a stark and emotive backdrop to the film, enhancing the already breathtaking and moving scenes captured as the Invisibles’ stories unfolds. We’re hugely grateful to Ben for donating all proceeds from sales directly to Amnesty International.

    Download the album now and help Amnesty International to help migrants in Mexico. Free bonus material with every download.

    To watch the film, take action and read more about Amnesty International's Mexico campaign visit

    For further information on Ben Frost's music, visit
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Message from Ben Frost:

I first had the opportunity to work with Marc Silver a few years ago when he invited me to compose music for a film he made inspired by the swarming phenomenon of birds - the images in that film were overwhelmingly powerful and yet - given the current prevalence of technology and extraneous manipulation of the medium of film that is readily available to every film maker today - they were by contrast unbelievably raw and untouched - a series of incredible moments captured and sewn together, without agenda and without interference.

Marc Silver doesn't construct drama - he creates space for it to occur and similarly that is what this score is about; a space, a series of spaces within a space in fact.

You, the public, don't need my music to heighten the inherent tragedy and drama of the Invisibles, and you don't need my music to tell you this situation needs your attention, because through this film, the people, their stories and the spaces that surround them speak every word that needs to be said.

If there is one thing I want more than anything for you to walk away with from this music, it was and is the overwhelming sense of quiet strength, and of hope.

- Ben Frost, 5th November 2010 Reykjavík Iceland


released November 5, 2010



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